One Moment - Kristina McBride ***NOTE! Review posted on Ja čitam, a ti?

What Tanja thought about it....

This is a story about girl Maggie, who is just regular teen. She spends her time with her four friends and her boyfriend Joey. Until one day he is dead. Is she guilty for that? She doesn’t know because of the shock after his death. We slowly meet all of them and we discover some things that will change the whole thing. All of them are struggling with his death. All of them are trying to deal with it and some of them blame themselves. But Maggie is the only one who was with him. Slowly her memory is coming back in flashes and soon enough she remembers. Is there anyone to blame? Or was it just a series of circumstances? You know where you’ll find the answers.

One Momet is story about love, friendship and betrayal. Easily written so that you’ll read this novel in one sitting. Great and realistic story. Maybe it was predictable in some parts, but still it deserves 4 stars from me. Like I said I really enjoyed within reading this story. It was realistic and readable. If you like realistic teen books you should check out this one.

What Glass thought about it...

One of my favorite poets is Milosh Crnjanski, Serbian poet who lived in previous century. Why is this relevant for this novel? Well, he had the same idea as Kristina McBride about that one moment that can change everything - all of the people living on Earth are connected in so many ways that sometimes what one person decides to do, can affect the lives of people on the other part of planet.

One moment isn't so radical - it stays within one small group of friends who shared everything since they were kids, but it's still fascinting thought. Everything starts with accident, but there are so much more. You never really know the people - not even those closest to you. We all have secrets. Are you intrigued enough to read this amazing book? You should be. As Tanja said, you are going to read it in one sitting.