Buried Secrets - Emme Rollins Review posted on Way Too Hot Books

Buried Secrets was one tough book to label. New adult, mystery/suspense, romance, paranormal...That last one I didn't expect and it's probably what bugged me the most.

Storyline. So, we meet Dusty, eighteen year old girl, on funeral of her twin brother Nick. She's inconsolable and can't get over the fact that her brother was killed. Who jumps in? Nick's best friend Shane. Of course. Dusty tries to find out what happened and soon enough find herself in the arms of town's infamous bad boy. Quite predictable story. If you stop here. Emme Rollins didn't stop. That was my main problem with this book. It's almost as if you have two separated stories mixed into one book - love story and mystery and they just don't work out together. Other thing which I didn't like was ending. Paranormal part was a deal breaker for me. Until that point I thought that I'll at least like Buried Secrets because of mystery, but that killed it for me.

Characters. Dusty has a potential to be a likeable character, so does Shane, but, again, it's like in the first half of the book author decided to write new adult novel and in the second adult novel. In the first half of the book they are acting like kids, but later they are too much like those characters from cheap romance novels where they are all using this big words in intimate conversation that you'd never use in real life. But it's not just the way they are talking, it's whole setting (note: pay attention to Shane's cabin in the woods). The most interesting character was actually Nick, Dusty's dead brother.

Final judgement. Buried Secrets is a novel with lot of potential but it still needed lot of work to be just right.

***Copy of this book provided by publisher via NetGalley in exchange for honest review.***