Tears of Tess - Pepper Winters Review posted on Way Too Hot Books

I am sorry, but I just don't like it...

I have to admit that I wasn't sure about writing review for this book. I always feel bad when I don't have lot of good things to say about ARC I requested. But then again it is honesty that is appreciated, right? This will be short.

Tears of Tess first got my attention because of pretty cover. After reading book description, I was sold. Dark, hot, erotic - check. Taboo, twisted, Stockholmish - check. Yes, my inner perv was having a blast. Then my co-blogger Tanja over at Ja čitam, a ti? told me that I probably could get advanced copy of this book. I was over the moon. Few days later and there it was in my inbox. That's where everything went downhill. Why? Well, that would be a little longer list.

1. I love taboo themes. Stockholm syndrome is on the top of my perv-list. (I know - don't judge me.) You would think that Tears of Tess would be perfect for me. Wrong. I didn't find it believable at all.

2. Badly labeled. I understand that new adult is big hit now, but this book is not new adult. At least not by my standards. Tears of Tess is taboo erotica no matter how old main heroin is. I know authors like to use all kind of tricks to get attention, but please, don't label your books as something they are not.

3. Storyline. It started really interesting, but than it all... I don't know. Something happened and I just started to notice all cracks in the plot. It has interesting premise, but it's too much like faerie tales about princesses who have to save kingdom by marring monster-king who is actually good, but he just forgot all about it because of some curse.

4. Tess and Q. So many times I just wanted to slap both of them or to finally stop reading.

One thing that I liked - steamy scenes were interesting.

Maybe it is just me. Maybe I read it at the wrong moment. Maybe you will love this book. Or I have finally outgrown this type of literature. I don't know. If you are intrigued by dark erotica, you should read Tears of Tess. If you read Dark Duet series by S.J. Roberts and you think that Q is new Caleb, lover your expectations.

***Copy of the book provided by author in exchange for honest review***