Froi of the Exiles (Lumatere Chronicles, #2) - Melina Marchetta ***Buddy read with my girl Tanja.<3***</b>

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After the Finnikin of the Rock review? we noticed that you like our joined reviews so we decided to do another for Froi of the Exiles. We hope you'll like it.

Glass: As we promised, we are sharing with you our humble opinion about second book in Lumatere Chronicles. I believe that is quite obvious that we love everything Melina Marchetta writes, so you can already guess that this will be swoon-fest. Right, Tanja?

Tanja: Is it that obvious? But you were right the last time, we could hardly manage to save Finnikin only for us, so we should totally be honest and tell our readers about the terrible Froi and his story.

Glass: He is such a bad,bad person. Finnikin is sweetheart if you compare him with this disgusting creature. Tanja and I will sacrifice ourselves to save you girls form tragic fate and we will lock him up in our harem and never ever let him out.

Tanja: Yes, we will. What can I tell you, we're such a brave girls who know that saving the world from such an awful creatures is bigger than us. (We're good girl *wink*). We will even go to Charyn and deal with street-lords. It was a big switch to go from Lumatere and their kingdom to Charyn and their king.

Glass: It was. Completely different setting, rules, characters. Everything was more savage and wild, but I think I loved Froi of the Exiles even more than the first book in the series. Maybe some readers won't like few turns in the plot because it might seem kind of convenient, but please be patient and just read. You might not get all the answers here, but we promise that everything has a really good explanation.

Tanja: Yes, it was a big change in behavior of characters but not only those who were in Lumatere and those in Charyn but in Froi himself. You could see switch in his actions but in the first place meet him better. But you know what I loved the most - Mots! That adds another guy here Luci-en. I won't say more about him, as I know I'll have hard time to keep him.

Glass: I wanted to smack him for being idiot few times, but he was just in terrible need of a real woman. Phaedra had to take everything in her hands. Poor girl. Men can be so dumb sometimes. Talking about dumb men and strong women, I have to say that Quintana is one of my favorites. She is weird and smart, I can't help myself but be completely in awe - what that girl had to endure and what she done willingly to help to the others... It is just amazing.

Tanja: Yes. I mean she is completely different from what we're used to when we talk about leading characters. She can be described as crazy when you first meet her but then there is a beauty in Melina's characters, when they develop and go under your skin. I guess that people who haven't read any of Melina's books would think that we're talking about God himself.

Glass: Haha...We can start new religion, Tanja! We should probably stop now before we start to write spoiler and then our followers will leave us. I'll be short. Guys, you just have to read this book!

Tanja:'re right. But I could talk about this book all day long. Yes, you really have to and sorry for not talking about the plot but it'd be hard without spoiling first book. Now, go and read the book!

Rating: The biggest five stars you can imagine!

PS. Stay tuned, review for Quintana of Charyn is coming soon.