We'll Always Have Summer - Jenny Han I 've just finished reading this amazing book and I know I'm pathetic,but I'm crying like a baby. I love this series for two reasons - it's so honest and real that it makes me think there's probably true Conrad in Jenny Hans' life. Second reason is - I have Conrad of my own.

I met him when I was sixteen - officialy met him. But I've been in love with him for a year. It was summer. We had one date and than I went to visit my aunt. I came back after a month and first person I've met was him. We've been together for two months and than it all fall apart. He acted just like Conrad - than and later. But every time I saw him, it was like nothing else existed - it was just us. Three yers later he called me - out of nowhere, he called me. We talked couple of times over the phone and then we went out - on a date. He asked me to give him a chance to prove himself, and I did. We are together for five and a half years now and I know I'll marry him one day. Because it feels just like Belly described it - everything that happend led to this moment - him and me together.

I love this book because it made me remember and made me love him even more!