Good Oil - Laura Buzo I don't really know what to say about this book. For starters, I'm confused. When I first read description of Good Oil, I expected something in the Jennifer Echols or Jenny Han style. Well, if you want light summer read, you can skip this book. It's not light. I'm not even sure that average fifteen year old girls would understand it. (All you fifteen year old girls, don't be mad at me for saying this!)
I think Laura Buzo wanted to write one of those smart books for smart girls packed in, on first look, typical YA story. There are lots of allusions about feminism and gender studies, discussions about literature (all in good, old postmodernism style - allusions, quotation, intertextualty, etc.). I guess this should be something like introduction to great problem of women's emancipation on personal level for girl who choose to read this book. A bit pretentious task, if you ask me, and that's exactly where is the biggest failure of this book. It was hard sometimes even for me (and I have degree in Literature) to follow the story line - you still have to know a lot about the subject to be able to understand it.
Most of the teenage girls won't like this book because, let's be honest, in our teen years all we wanted was love stories with happy endings. But I believe that there are girls who'll know to appriciate books like this one. They are teaching you to think out of the box and to see the world in different light.