Falling Under - Gwen Hayes I've decided to read this book because of a friend - and I'm happy I did it.

I've read some interesting reviews about Falling Under and there's one thing I must agree with - it makes you like it and hate it at the same time. But, obviously, like part is stronger in my case. The most annoying thing about it for me was language - luckly, this book isn't translated on my native language - I would hate it because of it. Somehow on english it doesn't sound that lame. It's a bit too much, but it goes with dark fantasy and gothic elements of the story.

Gothic part is the main reason why I loved it. It's scary and beautiful, and on moments it remindes me of my favourite fairy tale - Beauty and the Beast. I think it would be an awsome anime, so Hayao Miyazaki, please! Something like Spirited Away but with prettier characters!:D