Catching Fire - Suzanne  Collins Second book in the Hunger Games trilogy is even better than the first one. I was so cought up in the story that I didn't even noticed how long I was reading. Before I knew it, it was four in the morning when I finally put the book down. You know that I couldn't possibly sleep after that, don't you?
First thing, and one I like the most, is that Suzanne Collins doesn'tpush romance in the first place. Actually, she doesn't push it at all, but you can still see lots of emotions in this amazing book. Kataniss is unforgeattable character. There were moments when I had to remind myself that she was just a work of ficton, not a real person. I'm really glade that I didn't read this series before because I would go crazy if I had to wait a whole year for the third book.
Great work, Suzanne Collins!