Just Listen - Sarah Dessen Half way trough this book, I realized that I was scared. Scared because it took me back to the place in my mind which I don't have any dessire to go back - ever again! I used to have a "friend" like Sophie, I had a eating disorder when I was senior, there was "owen" who helped me to wake up (but, he was just a friend). It took me two years to recover completely and it was awful. I used to stop eating when things in my life were out of my control and it gave me false sense of some kind od meaning, stability. When everything else was out of my reach, my body was one thing I controled. And don't for one second think that now I don't have moments when I feel tempted to slip back. It follows you, always, and you have to fight with yourself all the time.

So, girls, read this book! And don't be afraid to look for a help!