Reason to Breathe (Breathing, #1) - Rebecca Donovan It started really good, but than there was this whole Cindarella sindrom including her best friend in the role of the fairy godmother, hot new boy as the Price Charming and, of course, evel stepmother. Rebecca Donovan has an eye for the details, she keeps you completely indulged in the story - relationship between Emma and Evan will leave you wishing you were that girl that he wants to be with. Unfortunately, she ruined everything in the end. Fifty pages more would have made a big difference - confusing ending is not something that book like this needs. Before last chapter and epilogue I wanted to give Reason to Breathe four stars. This is one of the indie books with lots of potential, and I believe that girls are going to love this story. But, Rebecca, please do something about ending, cool down cindarella stuff and find a good copy editor.