Masque of the Red Death - Bethany Griffin I do not have lots of stempunk novels on my "read" list so far, but I like the general idea behind this genre - alternate history and "what if?" base of the story. I was afraid to read Masque of the Red Death - my expectations were really high.

It started shaky - I liked the the decadent atmsphere and descriptions, but characters seemed somehow superficial. I wasn't sure how I felt about it. But later I got caught up in its strange, dark, drug-abussing, glittery world. I've noticed that some reviewers who read this book didn't like the love triangle part of the story, and others had some problems with language (it's "too modern"). I have to say that I didn't pay too much attention to the language - I simply enjoyed in the twists.

Love story isn't predictable - I really can't tell what will happen in the next book and that's the reason why I like it. Nothing is as it seems and choices some of the characters are making have deeper reasoning. Unlike The Selection by Kiera Cass, I didn't have problems with the way author represented social and political background of the story. Actually, in this case I like that part of the plot much more than all personal aspects of it.

Here's what Lauren DeStefano, author of The Chemical Garden series, said about Masque of the Red Death:

"Luscious, sultry and lingeringly tragic, this story has my heart. I can't stop thinking about this tale of a broken world held together by corsets and clock gears. Araby's voice stays with me even now, making me wary of the air I breathe."

I recommend this book to everyone who likes their heroines to be a little bit darker. Masque of the Red Death will be available on April 24th, so you won't have to wait much longer to get your copy of this amazing book.

If you want to learn more about Bethany Griffin, go to her official web page - It's beautiful...

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