Starcrossed - Josephine Angelini ***NOTE! Review posted on ja čitam, a ti?

Starcrossed, alongside with Until I Die by Amy Plum, was one of the books with pretty covers I wanted badly to read last year. And then it was published, I read few negative reviews and I already was disappointed with Until I Die, so I gave up. Other than that, I was sceptical about novels based on Greek mythology.Maybe it was good that I waited this long - I had to read some bad books first so I could appreciate what Josephine Angelini had done in Starcrossed.

Lot of people compare this book with Twilight - there are few similar elements like new mysteriuos family in small town, clumsy girl and just a tiny bit of stalkerish tendencies. Considering that there are maybe even more anti-Twilight readers out there than pro-Twilight readers, I shouldn't have been suprised by mixed reactions.

I'm a big fan of Twilight so I didn't have problems with Starcrossed. There is perfectly clear explanation for everything - don't start throwing imaginary daggers on Josephine after first fifty pages. Yes, that was the "weakest" part of the plot, little bit repetitive and slightly annoying with all that talking about cramps Helen was having (there's even explanation for that and I loved it). Characters are steretypical for this kind of young adult novels, especially family members and friends, but that's what I expected.

The biggest plus for me was the way author used Greek mythology. This is why you should refresh your knowledge about Homer's Iliad and Greek mythology in general - you'll understand it better that way.

All of you with weak spot for star-crossed lovers will love chemistry between Helen and Lucas. I liked the beginning of ther story the most. But that cliffhanger...Ugh... You'll need second book as soon as possible!

Talking about sequel, Dreamless is coming out on May 29th and I know that some of you can't wait for it. So, make sure to stop by later this week because we are doing ARC review.