Taste - Kate Evangelista ***NOTE! Review & GIVEAWAY posted on blog Ja čitam, a ti?.

What we thought about it...

{Glass} Interesting plot. I had my share of doubts first time I herad about this book. It reminded me too much of manga/anime The Vampire Knight with all that stuff about night and day students, but that's where all similarities ends. I liked paranormal elements of the story - zombie-like creatures living hidden in human society, secret kingdoms and two boys on the throne. My biggest problem with Taste was that it felt kind of rushed which left me wondering what did just happened.

{Tanychy} I haven't read that manga/anime therefore I had no idea about night and day students. I was surprised with this book. As some of you may know I rarely read blurbs so every book is a mystery. I also like this zombie-like creatures story, as it's new. I agree with this rushed, yes the story really goes fast and something is happening all the time.

{Glass} I seriously wanted to strangle Phoenix sometimes. She doesn't think at all or she thinks too much. Boys... Well i like those boys. Maybe Luka just a tiny bit more. But looking them generally, all characters are typical for paranormal young adult novel. Nothing suprising over there.

{Tanychy} Huh. Here I had some problems. Yes, the problem is Phoenix, or annoying-girl-strikes-again how I called her. There is huge difference between being bad-ass and annoying character. Phoenix is maybe curious and I would probably be but she is also so impatient and sometimes her actions were just stupid. About boys in this book, Demitri is typical kick-ass boy. I know that he will be like that from the beginning, but Luka was really interesting in whole story. I really like Demitri's brother Dray, he is really "normal" and great character.

Love story
{Glass}Love triangle... Duh, I so didn't see that coming.:) I understand that girl can be totally swept off her feet when she finds out that not just one but to boys are having hots for her. And they are drop dead gorgeous. But when it's pushed too much in the first plan of the story it could be annoying.

{Tanychy} What to say about love story. It was predictable. I expected love triangle from the beginning and I most certainly got one. You enjoyed in some moments between characters. Demitri is perfect gentleman and I like him for that. He cares about Phoenix, but also does Luka. I expected that the end will be like this and I'm happy for that.

What we liked
{Glass} Honestlly, I thought that I'll hate this book. But I don't. All the paranormal elements are original - combination of zombies and scientifical explenations was really good move. And that scene where Phoenix meets Luka for the first time... Dear God! Awesome.

{Tanychy} So all in all I like the concept of the story generally. I haven't read much stories about zombies, especially about hot zombies like those in the book. So that all was interesting and new for me. Beside Dray I also like Demitri and Luka. I must add the end, I like the ending. Call me lame, but this type of the end is my favourite. What can I say, hopeless romantic till the end.

What we didn't like
{Glass}Unlike my hoplessly romantic BFF Tanja, I did not liked the ending. If there's going to be second book, it should have ended differently. Other thing I didn't like - all those stuff about kingdom - too much medivalish for my taste.

{Tanychy} You're right, but I didn't know there should be book 2. I didn't like Phoenix for sure. I've seen worst than her, but still I can't get over with that. Another thing is that story was too rushed. There is still enough space to write about zombies and their future, but love story here is as far as I'm concerned completed. I wouldn't touch that.

{Dimitri, night students (but unlke Vampire Knight thy are not vampires - they are flesh eaters)...love triangle... annoying female character... Again???}