The Last Bastion of the Living: A Futuristic Zombie Novel - Rhiannon Frater Review on my blog Ja čitam, a ti?

We've been talking a lot about Rhiannon Frater and her books last month - all of that was just warm up for today: day 7 of The Last Bastion of the Living Blog Tour. You can win ebook of this novel and if you check out other blog tour stops, you'll see there are few more goodies waiting just for you - full schedule is here.

I have to say that I never liked zombies, I do not watch Walking Dead and this is the first Rhiannon Frater novel that I've read. But... I think I'm getting there. The Last Bastion of the Living is the best indie novel I've had in my hands so far. It's mix of everything - science fiction, dystopia, urban fantasy. You won't be overvelmed with too much scientifical explenations or military terms. Rhiannon used everything with measure, just enought to suck you into that world and make it look believable.

This is book for grown ups. What does that mean and why didn't I use term "adult"? Well, it seems that adult novel lot of people equals with erotica nowdays. The Last Bastion of the Living most definitely is not erotica and, thank you God, it is not pathetic romance with creatures form the dark for horny teens. There are emotions, zombies, fighting, bad and good guys, but Rhiannon Frater didn't write this book thinking: "Hey, let's put out there something with tortured hero and damsel indistress and bunch of bad guys who want to destroy the world because main characters are in luv!" No! We have world that handgs by its threads and forty people who are tricked into saving it although they'd do that even if they knew all the facts. This would'be great movie!

What I liked the best? Girl power! Maria Martinez is kick-ass heroine with hers ups and downs, stong character and mind of her own. I was so hyped after reading this - my own inner bad girl wanted to kick some butt. I knew from first descrpition that author probably used Michelle Rodrigues as inspiration and I've read here that I was right!