Immortal - Gene Doucette Review posted on Ja čitam, a ti?

Did you ever wonder what would you do if you knew you'd never die? That you are going to live forever? I know I did. Actually, I was obsessed with that concept when I was much younger. I was terrified of death (and fascinated by it at the same time) - I was a weird kid, I know. That's when I started to get interested in paranormal, mythical creatures as vampires, other religions and their believes regarding life, death and immortality. I read Anne Rice's Vampire Lestat when I was 13 by pure luck - I found it in library while I was doing research for one of my school assigments. It's not the easiest book for thirteen year old girl with issues, trust me. Immortal by Gene Doucette is one of those books. It'll left you wondering and thinking, but with aftertaste of bitterness. Adam is one of the most interesting characters I've ever met. He's cynical, brutally honest about himself and everyone around him and even cold and calculated bastard when it's necessary. If you like fantasy, but you're not big fan of popular paranormal, adult and young adult, romance novels, I think you will enjoy reading Immortal.