Amplified - Tara Kelly I already know what will be the biggest "don't like" for some of the readers - ending of this novel. But that's just what was turning point in my decision to give Amplified five stars instead of four. Author didn't give in to the temptation of the usual happy endings - girl gets the boy, daddy and mommy are my biggest fans after all and so on... And this girl knows how to use the words and not make them pathetic and cheesy.
I have to admit that I didn't completely understand all those music terminology - I googled a little bit about it and Tara's "background" - she is writing from her personal experience which is in my opinion one of the best quality in my favourite author. Yes, she goes on my fav list!:)
One more thing - as soon as I read word Placebo and Meds, I knew she would me my kind of a girl!
I can't wait to read Harmonic Feedback and everything she'll write in the future.