Callum & Harper - Fisher Amelie So... I expected one of those "hard" readings that leaves you with bitternes, broken heart, tears in the eyes and healty dose of the angst against the system. But, no. This is not that book. Callum and Harper is "true american fairy tale" - it's a sweet, naive story, you might even enjoy it. (Young girls will love it for sure!)Author has a talent when it comes to the art of written word, she knows how to crate the atmosphere and subtly express emotions. Only thing she needs to learn is that sometimes less is more, and "all is peachy in the peachyland no matter the fact that by all the logic in the world we shold be totally screwed up" isn't always the wright approach to the subject.

I would, maybe, give this book four stars, but ending mede me change my mind - all that stuff with praying and miracles was way over the top. As I said - less is more. I do hope that her next book will be better - she is talented writer.