Clockwork Prince - Cassandra Clare I will remember this book for two reasons. First, it is the first book I've read on my Kindle (yey, I've bought it). Second, I adore the dirt under Cassandra Clare's feet. I liked The Mortal Instruments, but this one is on the top of my favourites books (well, 2012. favourites at least).

Once again, I have hugh crush on the fictional characters - Will and Jem are irresistible. But I'm one of those girls who appreciate much more a strong female character than the hot bad boys. Tessa is my girl crush. She is strong, she doesn't let to any boy to rule her decisions (unlike some girls from other novels), she reads (yes, it was our shared love for the written word that got me), she is satisfied with herself - mentally and physically.

I don't have to say that I can't wait to read next book. You all do!:)