Bound Together - Eliza Jane Review posted on Ja čitam, a ti?

Before I start gushing about this novel I have to warn you about one thing. Do not read blurb on Goodreads. It reveals too much. Just pick up the book and read.

My secret wish is to go to Paris one day. Why secret? Well, I usualy go around dissing Paris and being annoyed with all the stereotypes, but deep down - I'm one big sucker for everything French. (My latest obsession would be Kingsley Edge from The Original Sinners series.) But you won't hold that agaist me. I hope.

There are few things that could make you think this is just another typical young adult story. Football capitan and unpopular girl, trip to the most romantic city on the world, family drama... Sometimes typical stuff can be used in interesting ways. Bound Together is proof for that. It balances on that delicate line between realistic and stereotypical.

Zoey is not fragile girl, she doesn't think about fitting in and she takes what she wants. Same thing goes for Matt. Put those two together and you get fireworks. There are few hot scenes, really hot scenes, but they are not far from real life.

I hope that you are going to find Bound Together - suport inde autors.