Flat-Out Love - Jessica Park
Glass... thinks that everyone should read this book.

Yeah, I couldn't help myself. Those of you who read Flat-Out Love probably recognized where I found inspiration for this mini title - Facebook updates from the book. No, I don't have FB profile, but I admire witty status updates. If I'd judge our heroine Julie by hers, I'd say she is one hell of gal. I believe that I could be diagnosed with something Julie explained like this:

"If you can't stop thinking about someone's update, that's called status cling."

This book is special for me because of one more reason - this is my first audio book. I had five hour long trip ahead of me on Thursday, I can't read in the car or bus because I get sick, so at last minute I got this brilliant idea - I should find a book to listen instead of music. Told you - brilliant. It was weird in the beginning, I needed some time to get used to it, but I liked it. When the story pulls you in, you don't even notice the difference anymore.

Speaking about the storyline, it is the most original part of the novel. This is not one of those mass production new adult novels with main focus on steamy, angsty love story with dumb conversations that could be summarized like this:

Him: "I can't be with you because I have deep dark secret. Sleeping with different girl every night is my way to show how sensitive I am."

She: "Oh, yes please. Ravish me with those dirty mouth of yours and look me with your deep steal eyes. Fact that you're total douche doesn't matter at all."

Nope, you will not find that here. There is a romance, don't be fooled, but major part is about family and finding yourself. Everyone in this book tries to find their place and acceptance. Messed up family with crazy schedule, thirteen year old girl with big brother issues, the smart kid, absent parents and stranger who feels need to fix everything. And don't let me start with dialogues - my favorite part. Smart and funny.

Only thing I didn't like that much was the "big secret" - it was little bit over the top with certain details and not so believable, but I can get over it. It's just one tiny bit, really.

So, my dear friends, go and find your copy of this book... or mp3!:) I can bet you will like it a lot!

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