Beautiful Bastard - Christina Lauren My final judgement:


It's a good thing that I was relaxing in my bed while reading Beautiful Bastard or I would have bruises all over because of fainting every time this mad man called Bennett ripped her panties. Yes, you read correctly - he's a panties ripper. As much as I got all hot and bothered reading those parts, it still was kind of ridiculous. I mean seriously - why did he do that every single time?

I didn't even know that this book was originally fan fiction until I started to read it. Thanks to Edelweiss and S&S I got ARC and it seems that it went trough some major revisions and editing. That's probably why I didn't have some of the issues with this book as other readers who read original story. I am glad because as much as I support inde authors, I believe that they should not publish their work before reading and reareading, polishing and cutting and editing everything for hundredth time if necessary.

Beautiful Bastard has a cliché storyline - hot, dominating boss and new assistant. Lot of arguing and glaring. And lot of sex. In the office. In the elevator. In the hotel. You know, usual stuff. I am little bit ashamed to admit that I loved every single minute of it. It's fun read - a typical modern faerie tale.
Sometimes I felt this Sex and the City vibes - Chloe calling Bennett Beautiful Bastard (Mr. Big anyone?).

If you read Trust in Advertising by Victoria Michaels, you know what to expect. Although, Trust in Advertising is one long book with lot of unnecessary details and repetitions. I liked Bennett and I wanted to kick Vincent all over his stupid face. Chloe isn't girl with daddy issues and she knows what she wants. Lexy has bad case of Bella syndrome.

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