Lover Reborn - J.R Ward Holy something of big, bad boys in leathers!!! I bow to your alter and hope that you'll accept my humble sacrifice of lascivious doings in many forms.

Yes, my dear girls, Brothers are back!

There isn't better way to create complete craziness among women than publishing new novel about ultimate alpha males in the world of fictional characters - The Black Dagger Brotherhood. They, surely, pull out the most primal urges in a full blooded female proving that we can be as shallow and superficial as opposite sex. Well, I'd say "Bring it on!" becaouse in this century it's payback time. We're going to oggle you in the dirtiest ways known to our kind.

Tenth book in BDB series brings us back, in a way, at the beginning - we are finally seeing closure to the Thorments story. But, as in all of hers books, J.R. Ward gives us glimpses into the lives of other brothers - V, John, Qhuinn, Blay... There are new bad boys in Caldwell - Band of Bastards. You'll find out why Lassiter was helping Thorment all this time and here's the best part: J.R. Ward announced on her Facebook profile that next book will be about Qhuinn and Blay!