Pushing the Limits (Pushing the Limits, #1) - Katie McGarry Review posted on I'm a reader, what about you?

I just knew that I will love this book as soon as I read blurb - and I was right. To be honest with you, I would have read it much sooner, but one of my girls was disappointed so I kept my distance for a while.

I haven't read this type of story in a long time - Fuentes brother meets Easy meets Beautiful Disaster. Realistic fiction swooning over sweet romance with capital R! And me melting over Noah. And falling for Echo. Now, I want to read it all over again! I probably will...

I read too many depressing books lately - I spent last two days in zombie-like state parasitizing in my living room. Don't get me wrong, Pushing the Limits is exploring some pretty rough themes and everything isn't unicornes puking rainbows. Noah and Echo have serious problems, their families are mess and they are trying to make everything work and make everyone happy.

But what really made my heart race faster and why I am putting this book in my favorite section is the love story. That sweet talking, hot as hell bad boy! Girl with weird name, big green eyes and read hair! 400+ pages of perfection. Katie wrote this on her webpage:

"I hope one day someone will read my book so much that the cover falls off."

I'll be one of those people.

Next year Katie McGarry is planning to publish Beth's story (she's one of the characters in Pushing the Limits). I can't wait!

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***NOTE! Copy of the book is kindly provided by the publisher, Harlequin, via NetGalley. I'm not paid for writing review - I do this for free as lover of written word. All opinions in this review are personal.