The Mistress - Tiffany Reisz YES! YES!YES! I GOT IT! I GOT IT! THANK YOU HARLEQUIN!!!

Update, July 8th 2013.

Review posted on Way Too Hot Books

Glass is not happy. But she loves her Mistress.

Last few days you could read reviews for first three books of The Original Sinners series on Way Too Hot Books ( The Siren, The Angel, The Price). Purple was one though cookie to break, but I did it. She liked what she read. Yey!

First, I'd like to say big thank you to Harlequin for giving me copies for every single Sinners book. You guys rock. But I decided that I absolutely need to have Nora and Co. on my bookshelf (real one this time) so... I ordered them. Can't wait. Don't worry, I'll tell all about how does it feel to hold them in hands, smell them, turn pages... I'm planning big re-reading Nora summer.

Why am I not happy? Well, it looks like our Mistress Tiffany took some lessons from my favorite sadist Soren. That damn cliffhanger is pure agony and considering that this is last book of The Red Years I am wondering when does she actually planning to tell us what the hell did they talk about.

Nora could make me gay, but I love my Mr. Edge.

As you can assume, The Mistress continues where The Prince ended. A lot of things will be untangled in this book, but also you will get hints of new possible plots. I have to admit that I'm not happy with some of those, but I believe that Tiffany Reisz can pull it off - that woman is brilliant. One thing that is different in this sequel is story. Sex is in the background this time. There are few steamy scenes that will make your blood boil, but as I said, you'll get most of the answers.

What I didn't like and reason why I gave it 4 stars instead my usual five is that there are too much soap opera moments. Spanish or Turkish, you can pick. Too much melodrama and black/white reasoning. Some parts felt rushed - like Wes and how he suddenly... Oh, no! I an not telling you. You will have to read it to find out, but I believe that most of you would agree with me. Also, there is this little "discovery" about Kingsley and his past. I don't know what to think about that.

Like my girl Purple, I didn't like Nora that much in previous novel, but she is in my good graces after The Mistress. I remembered why I loved her so much in The Siren. Soren is... well, Soren. If you didn't like him so far, you just might change your mind now. But my favorite character is Kingsley Edge - he shares first place with Roy Dupuis (Michael in TV series La Femme Nikita). Damn hot French men.

Dear Tiffany...

You. Are. My. Goddess.
The end.