My Life Next Door - Huntley Fitzpatrick This book was worth waiting for. I've read it in two days despite the fact that I was head over heels in all that boring end-of-the-school-year paperwork that us, teachers, are so fond of.

First, I can not believe that this is Huntley Fitzpatrick's debut novel. I've read so many bad books lately and those autors didn't have the excuse of first attempt in their writing carieers. My Life Next Door reminded me a lot of Sarah Dessen novels - by the concept and the writing style. And I love Sarah Dessen.

My Life Next Door is great example of what does it mean to create believable characters - we are introduced with everyone gradually and getting the informations about each characters trought their actions. There isn't author's eulogy about them on five pages or constant describing of every single chlothing choice. (Dear autors, you can describe, but make sure it actally has a point and that it's relevant for the story - like clue in mystery novel. On the other hand, three pages descriptions of what your main heroine is wearing on her first day in school just for the sake of describing is not a good move.)

What I liked the most? The way relationship between Samantha and Jase developed. There's such a positive message for all the young girls - if I had a teenage daughter, I would make her read this book. But it's not just another story about girl who falls for the boy - read it and you'll see.

For the end I can say only one thing - I can't wait for Huntley Fitzpatrick's next novel.

P.S. September 8th 2013.
I think that I'll re-read this book soon. :)