The Practice Proposal - Tracy March Review posted on Way Too Hot Books

The Practice Proposal by Tracy March is perfect novel for all of you who like good romance involving good girl and womanizing sports player. Bad boy will see everything wrong in his previous relationships and good girl will find her inner bad girl. A little bit predictable, but that is not a bad thing when it comes to this type of novels - that is exactly why we read them and what we want.

If you are fan of Jaci Burton and her Play by Play series like me, you will love The Practice Proposal. Only difference is the cover - Burton's novels have those "let me lick your body - everywhere" covers. The Practice Proposal is tamer comparing to them, but story is even better, so please, hurry and pick up your copy of this novel - you can find Amazon and Barnes & Noble links in this post.

The storyline. Really, really good. There are no loose ends, maybe I would like that some things were written differently in the end, but Tracy March is woman who knows how to get you interested. Being woman herself, I believe that she knows what is one of the biggest fantasies every one of us has and she used it. Do you remember that boy you not-so-secretly liked when you were teenager? And he acted like your friend or he didn't notice you at all because you were this awkward creature with braces, pimples or no feminine curves at all? Wouldn't you just love to meet him today and let him see what did he miss? Make him beg for your attention? Yep, that fantasy!

Characters. Those of you who know me are familiar with my lack of patience for goodie two shoes/virgins/naive female characters. No, she is not virgin (thank you God), but Liza is good girl who obviously isn't aware of her appearance and how it affects opposed sex. Why did I like her? Because she is smart and independent. Cole is your typical sports player with everything that goes with that - parties and one night stands, but he is not jerk and (again, thank you God) he thinks about consequences of his actions. Don't let me start about all the reasons this man will make you swoon like sixteen year old One Direction groupie.

What are you waiting for? Read this book as soon as possible and tell us what you think. In the end, I would like to say just one more thing.
Dear Tracy, thank you for this super sweet story and I wish you lot of good books and 5-stars ratings.