Don't Breathe a Word - Holly Cupala

I am on the roll. It seems that every book I picked up in last five days was just simply amazing. Same thing goes for Don't Breathe a Word, novel written by Holly Cupala. One thing I really hate is when great books are overshadowed by most recent trashy romance novel. Tara Kelly, K.B. Hoyle, Holly Cupala are just some of authors that, by my humble opinion, deserve more attention.

It has been two years since I read Holly Cupala's debut novel, Tell Me a Secret. That book wasn't what I expected. I wanted to read something fun and light, but I got book that left me thinking about my own life and everything I used to take for granted. This time I was prepared. I knew that Don't Breathe a Word will not be unicorns and rainbows. I wasn't comfortable reading it, to be honest with you. I had to put it down few times, lie down and close my eyes for a while.

Holly Cupala in her second novel tells story about abuse and homeless teenagers trough the eyes of sixteen years old Joy, girl who tried to solve her problems by running away from home, but doing so she discovers whole new world of troubles and problems. One thing that I liked is that we find out about street life from several different perspectives and there is no sugar coated faery tales. My heart broke over and over again for Santos and May, I thing they are the most tragic characters. Only thing that I find lacking is ending. It isn't quite realistic and I think that I would be better if author didn't feel need to make her readers happy. I don't want to spoil it for all of you who didn't read it, but you will get what I mean when you do.

Don't Breathe a Word is perfect choice for everyone who looks for good realistic young adult fiction. Definitely one of the books that someday I'll get my daughter to read.