The Lonely - Tara Brown Review posted on Way Too Hot Books

When I picked up this book, I didn't have any idea what should I expect. I knew it was new adult, romance, with few steamy scenes like in all NA books and main heroine with serious problems. I usually troll around Goodreads looking trough my friends' updates and reviews which leads to very bad thing - I figure out everything about books I want to read or end up with such a high expectations that I always end up feeling disappointed because it's never good as I expect it to be. Thank you God, I didn't do that with The Lonely.

If you read my reviews here or on Goodreads, talked with me about my favorite books, than you know that I love, but seriously, love - twisted, dark, erotic stories with hints of capture-bonding and all other kink that goes with it. I could smell Stockholm syndrome after first ten pages. My inner perv was jumping all over the place and screaming: "Hell, yes! Finally! I am sick of all those lovey-dovey nonsense you've been feeding me lately."

Oh, thank you holy father Soren for all the dark and fucked up bastards! Now you are thinking what the hell am I talking about and how does Soren, our dearest kinky priest, fits in this story. Well, he doesn't, but that man put all the standard must-haves for sadistic main characters we love so much. Tara Brown gave us one of those in her book. His name is Eli and you are going to kiss the ground he walks on.

The story may confuse you, but keep reading. I was lost for a moment while I was reading The Lonely. Why? After that initial euphoria about captive motif, I started losing hope that anything would happen along that lines. I was so wrong. My advice - do not read reviews with lot of synopsis details (we all know too well that some reviewers may get too caught in fangirling mode and they just can't help themselves - I am barely holding my wits together, I'm dying to tell you all). Just take the book in your hands and start reading. You will be surprised to see where it will take you. Also, you just might want to be alone while reading some parts. Your flaming red face might tip you off in front of your mother, not a nice conversation to have - trust me.

Lost Boy. The companion novel to The Lonely, Lost Boy, was published in July this year. It is told from Eli's point of view and I heard that it is something that you should not miss. I am hyped to see what went trough his crazy head and I'll be reading it soon.

***Copy of this book provided by publisher and author via NetGalley in exchange for honest review.***